"There really is no other resource of this type in the area. Even though the office is far from our home, it is worth the effort to attend meetings. Every person who works there is very special."

"It is a great service they do for families like ours. The work & commitment is above and beyond the call of duty!! They are very helpful and supportive & a God send!" L.K.

"Connor Moran Children's Cancer Foundation is always available [to provide] advice that works! Just when you think you ARE alone [in the fight against childhood cancer] they will call or a newsletter will arrive."

"No other group has provided me with such valuable assistance in my time of need."

"Connor Moran was the first agency to contact us and the only to stay in touch for the last 1 ˝ years. There has never been a time that Teri or her gang has let me down. Thanks to Connor Moran, we all have had a very positive outlook through Anthony's illness." J.O., Jensen Beach

"This agency has been so wonderful. Anything we have ever needed, they were there to help. It never matted what the need was, Teri and her gang were there. From pizza in the hospital for my son, Anthony, to having a representative drive to Jensen Beach to let my 7-year-old, Samantha, and her class know about her brother and what leukemia is." J.O., Jensen Beach.

"Connor Moran has been especially flexible to come to our home because it is quite a distance from the office."

"Not having a car, they were wonderful in taking my son to the doctor."

"Any questions you need answered, they are answered."

"Connor Moran has provided my family the opportunity to meet other families who have a child with cancer. Anytime we go to an event, we always see people we know."

"Connor Moran and staff have always been there for Jeremy and our family. Whenever or whatever reason, they are always ready and willing to help and do whatever possible for our family. We are so thankful that they exist and help support all of these families."

"Meeting with other families has been the biggest help!"

"Connor Moran has been there for my family all the way. 100+%." The Albelo Family

"It was good for my daughter and ourselves to share and meet others going through, and dealing with, the whole process. Even receiving calls and talking over the phone means a lot!"


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