Connor Morans Children’s Cancer Foundation’s
1. How do I make a Donation?
A. It’s easy, just fill out our online form for donating:
Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV’s, Aircraft , Equipment and Real Estate then click on submit. Our Donation coordinator will contact you shortly. You may also call 1 888 400 7373 and submit your information over the telephone.
 2. What can I Donate?
A.  We accept most running Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV’s, and Equipment. We also accept Aircraft and Real Estate.
 3. What information do I need in order to Donate my vehicle or boat?
A.   You must have a lien free title in your possession before the vehicle or boat can be picked up.
   The year, make, and model of your Donation.
  The mileage of the vehicle or hours on a boat.
  The VIN# or serial number found on your title or registration.
4. Will there be any cost to me?
No. We will pick up your Donation anywhere in the USA free of charge* Some times we are unable to accept a vehicle because the cost of transportation and sellers fees exceed the value of the Donation. This occurs usually because of the age and condition of the Donation. In some locations we are able to offset this potential loss by asking donors to contribute toward the transportation charge.
5. How will my vehicle or boat be picked up?
A. You will be contacted and we will arrange to have your Donation picked up at a time convenient for you. The pick up usually takes between 2 and 3 business days. Same or next day pick up is often possible for emergency situations. All pickups are done by licensed and insured companies. Please remember to remove your license tags.
6. How do I transfer title to the Connor Moran Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc.
A. The donor must sign their signature on the sellers line on the title. The name on the title must be the same as the signature on the sellers line. If not a notarized power of attorney must accompany the title.
7. What happens to my Donation?
A. All Donations are sold through auctions, licensed dealers, and brokers.
8. Is my Donation tax deductible?
A.The Connor Moran Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. is a not for profit 501 (c)(3) charitable corporation. : The IRS allows you, the taxpayer, to claim a tax deduction of (a) the value of your vehicle up to $500 or (b) if we sell the vehicle for more than $500 we will mail you a postcard with that value for your tax purposes.
Please fill out our on line Boat Donation form or call us at 888 400 7373 for a consultation regarding your specific Donation.
9. What documents do I receive after making a Donation?
A. We send you a Receipt of Donation listing what and when you Donated.
We provide an IRS 8283 form for tax purposes.
We include a Connor Moran Brochure and a personal “Acknowledgement of Donation,” letter.
A copy of the original IRS letter recognizing the Connor Moran Children’s Cancer Foundation as a tax-exempt entity.
An odometer statement for you to fill out and return to us in the provided self addressed envelope.
10. Tell me about The Connor Moran Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc.
A. Go to Connor Moran
11. Do you need Volunteers?
A. That’s easy, yes! If your interested in being a Cars/Boats For Cancer volunteer please call and a Connor Moran staff member will welcome speaking with you.
12. What does the new federal law mean for charities?
A. As of January 1, 2005, charities that accept donations of vehicles, trucks, boats, and airplanes -- and later sell these donated items -- will be subject to additional reporting requirements. Charities will be required to disclose in writing, to each donor and to the IRS, the gross proceeds raised from the sale of their donated vehicle.
13. What does the new federal law mean for donors?
A. The law will not affect donors who do not itemize on their taxes. Donors who do itemize their taxes will no longer carry the burden of determining the deductible value for their donation. Instead, they will receive a verifiable written receipt from the charity, which will document the gross proceeds raised from the sale of each donated item. Donors will have the option of claiming the sales price or choosing a minimum ($500.00) alternative amount. Donors are encouraged to speak to their tax advisors.
14. Won’t that increase the amount of time it takes before donors receive receipts?
A. The law requires charities to issue receipts within 30 days of either the donation or sale of each vehicle.
15. How does this impact car donation as a whole?
A. When people outgrow a vehicle, they still have the same three options:
• Trade it in to a car dealership;
• Endure the hassle and expense of selling it on their own; or
• Donate it to a worthy cause and possible qualify for a tax deduction.
16. Those who prefer to donate their vehicle and receive a tax deduction, still have that option. Won’t this make car donations undesirable?
A. No. The same attractive reasons for donating a car to the Cars for Cancer Program still exist, such as: helping to fight children’s cancer, taking a tax deduction when taxes are itemized, and efficiently transferring a vehicle to another party, all remain in tact. The largest impact of the law is being imposed on the charities themselves, and Cars for Cancer is ready to handle these additional reporting requirements.
17. Could this law enhance charitable car donations?
A. Perhaps. This bill could make car donations more desirable because the IRS is unlikely to challenge a deduction that is verified by a documented sales price. Of course, if a person donates a vehicle with the intention of over-inflating its value, then this law will serve its purpose. Cars for Cancer maintains the highest level of ethical standards in its operations and will uphold the letter and the spirit of the law.

Prior to the legislation, donors could claim the same tax deduction when donating a vehicle, regardless of which charity received it. In 2005, this will all change. A donor’s tax deduction will become contingent upon the charity’s ability to return the highest proceeds on its sale.

Cars for Cancer is proud of its personal investment in learning the automotive sales industry. Over the years, Cars for Cancer representatives have continually improved and refined the protocol used to sell vehicles to achieve the highest yield in the shortest amount of time.

Cars for Cancer pledges to continue to serve the public with a personal, caring and professional attitude.

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