Comprehensive Case Management:
We offer knowledge and help with filing for benefits the family may be eligible for. SSI, Medicaid, food stamps, employee benefits, unemployment, etc…as well as linkage to other agencies offering additional assistance. Financial Stabilization: Every family is eligible for emergency monies for household, personal, medical, and treatment related travel expenses.

Counseling: We bridge the gap by offering suggestions and support through initial diagnosis, treatment, relapse, or bereavement. Many group sessions are available, as well as, individual or family counseling.

Bereavement Support:
We help with arrangements and offer financial and emotional support at a time when it's needed most.
Our Mission:
The purpose of Connor Moran Children's Cancer Foundation is to improve the quality of life, strengthen, and stabilize, any family caught in the devastation of the diagnosis of childhood cancer or other life changing illness.
School Re-Entry:
When a child is ready to return to school, an informational presentation is offered to his/her class, K-Jr. High. Questions and concerns are addressed with students and administration on behalf of the parent and their child, or sibling. Ongoing medical, academic, and informational support is monitored and maintained with school as well.

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Cancer Foundation's
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Host Family:
Families with the same or similar diagnosis in their children are introduced to one another. This provides an opportunity to exchange valuable information about their child's illness and treatment effects, while developing lasting friendships.

Professional Linkage:
Legal Assistance, dental and noncancer medical referrals are made for our families to area professionals that have been generous enough to offer their services on a free or sliding fee scale basis.

Home Visits:
Our staff will bring services directly into the home, school, hospital, or office, wherever they are needed.

We have an in-house resource library with computer internet access allowing for easy information on pediatric cancer, study, treatments, services and support groups.

Academic Education:
Effective and innovative education is offered individually or in our classroom setting for children needing additional academic attention. A special education teacher provides tutoring for K-5th grade in math, grammar, and reading skills.

Resources and Referrals:
Connor Moran maintains an onsite resource library with supportive videos, pamphlets, articles, books, and related information. Computer/internet service allows families to access additional information as well. A database of professional services and organizations ensures patient/family referrals are only a phone call away.

CMCCF will intercede on behalf of a child and or family with employers, insurance companies, hospitals, creditors, schools, etc.,to facilitate and ensure reasonable care and understanding are established.
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